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The watch will be released in a 100-piece limited edition. It expands the Ultra Thin line with refined artistic craftsmanship to present complications ranging from power reserve indicators to high complications like perpetual calendars and Tourbillons. The Ultra Thin collection will also include two other models. Find out more in our online platforms starting in January 2019!

Tudor Replica Watches's precision in watchmaking is well-known. Since 1992, Jaeger-LeCoultre has implemented an internal quality assurance system called the "1,000 Hours Control" where timepieces undergo a rigorous six-week test to ensure that they meet brand expectations. The brand's calibre, 889, which is used in the Master Control date, was the first to be tested. This showed that even the most basic timepieces from the maison are capable of accurate timekeeping. All watches produced by the maison are subjected to this testing except for a few unique models. The testing process begins with standard timekeeping checks, similar to those required for a COSC certificate. They then move on to the Cyclotest which involves the watch being moved in the same manner as a person would over a period of two weeks. Watches that can withstand the harshest environments are those that have undergone temperature tests and other environmental

Tudor Replica Watches's precision watches have been praised by the public, despite internal testing. In 2009, Jaeger-LeCoultre submitted two tourbillon watches to the Concours International de Chronometrie and won the top two awards for accuracy. The Master Tourbillon was awarded one of the highest scores ever given by the competition for its category: 909 points out of 1,000. The Gyrotourbillon 2 was a close runner-up.

Since then, Tudor Replica Watches has introduced many innovations. The Gyrotourbillon 3 was released in 2013, featuring a spherical rotor, a world first for a wristwatch. The Gyrotourbillon was inspired by the unique hairspring, which mimicked its design. Reverso Tribute Tourbillon Duoface is the brand's newest tourbillon, which appears in their Reverso range.

Reverso is a long-standing icon for the watchmaker. It was first designed as a case to be durable in sports use. In the elegant sport of polo the flipping case is done via a side locking mechanism to protect the crystal against potential impact damage. Since then, reverse cases have been used in a variety of ways, including decorative arts like miniature painting and enameling,Patek Philippe Replica as well as functional design. The Duoface is a representation of the second, offering a second dial with a second time zone.

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